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Belgian High Quality Knitwear

Fashion addicts since as long as I can remember, it was truly a quest to offer our customers the best garment possible. For this reason, we extensively researched the design, the colors, the fit, the shape and most importantly the quality of the thread we would use and the finish of the knitwear products.

Our requirements brought our team to Italy and Portugal, well known for their fashion and high quality knitwear. The threads are carefully selected in Italy while the production is handled in Portugal, by a family atelier that has manifest knitting knowledges.

Passion, savoir-faire and expertise allow our suppliers and us to propose a high-quality result with great sens of detail.

Working this way allows us to offer you a truly high quality, refined and one-of-a-kind knit while bringing a very special fashion twist.

I hope you will love it as much as the artisans love their craft and as much as I loved creating it.

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