Behind the label

We go beyond offering seasonal knitwear collections.
Our collections are based on both the design and functionality to create effortless clothes that are comfortable, fashionable, and modern. We aim to offer items with simple cuts that boast a unique and distinctive personalised style. With this creative approach, our deepest desire is to elevate every woman’s style to make her feel on-trend, cunningly femininely confident, and at ease in her day-to-day clothes.

To achieve our mission, we pay special attention to the fit, the colours, and most importantly, the quality of the threads and the finish of the garments.
Our requirements led us to Italy and Portugal, well known for their high-quality knitwear craftsmanship and heritage. The yarns are carefully selected in Italy while the production is handled in Portugal by a family atelier that has a clear understanding of everything related to knitting. Working closely together allows us to get to know the amazing people behind (y)our products and to make sure all of the manufacturing processes respect our values.

Each design is produced in reasoned and reasonable quantities to avoid overconsumption and to maintain the exclusivity of our products.

Passion, savoir-faire, and expertise allow us to offer our clients a truly high-quality, refined, and one-of-a-kind piece of knitwear with a very special twist.

Born and raised in Brussels, Valentine has always been fascinated by fashion and everything related to aesthetics and design.

After a 3-year course on communication in Brussels and graduating with a Masters in “Fashion and Luxury Brand management” from Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Valentine returned to Belgium and began working for a Belgian fashion group, internationally renowned for its luxury positioning and approach. She ran the marketing and communication department for two years.

Later in 2015, with her head full of creative ideas, her passion for entrepreneurship led her to launch her eponymous knitwear label in 2016. Over the years, the first 6-sweater collection in 2016 became a brand presenting two full-line collections a year, at Paris fashion week. To satisfy not only e-consumers but also seasoned store lovers, the label now ships worldwide and is stocked in over 8 countries, in national and international stores boasting the best name and image.

“My wish is to offer items with simple cuts that exude a unique and distinctive personalised style. Clothes that are chic and cool at the same time. With this creative approach, the label’s deepest desire is to elevate every woman’s style to make her feel on-trend, feminine and cunningly confident, while at ease in her everyday outfits.”

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