Wool (including merino and cashmere) is a natural fiber produced by sheeps and goats. As it is naturally antibacterial, wool is quite easy to take care of.
Contrary to what one might think, wool does not retain odors and so requires less washing than cotton or synthetic fabrics.
Such as any other natural fibers, it’s always better to avoid excess washing.
Do not hesitate to air it out after each use.
If washing is needed, please follow our recommendations.


We recommend to go to the dry cleaner.

Machine wash: wool or delicate program at 0°C (for some washing machines) or 30°C at the maximum.
Use only wool detergent (do not use softener. It coats the wool fibers and reduce their ability to naturally manage moisture and regulate your body temperature). Turn garment inside out.
Wash with similar colors to prevent color bleeding.

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